Web application development & consulting


BaseBean provides consulting services around strategy, product, marketing, and execution of complex web and mobile applications.


  • • Competitive Analysis
  • • Business Workflow
  • • Process Improvement
  • • Mobile Strategy


  • • Product Development
  • • Technology Strategy
  • • Solutions Architecture


Mobile isn't an afterthought - it's part of every web solution that we build. Depending on the needs of our clients and our strategic recommendations, we integrate a seamless mobile experience either as a responsive website or as a dedicated site.

From strategy development to custom application development, we bring deep understanding and experience of the market to bear for our clients.



Whether you already have existing material or you're just getting started, we want to understand everything there is to know about your organization, your goals, and your membership.

Once we know precisely who you are and what your project objectives are, we investigate your position in the market and thoroughly analyze your brand in order to define your exact target audiences. After we collect all the possible data and evaluate the information, we create an action plan based on a clear strategy customized to your needs.


BaseBean specializes in development of complex web applications, mobile applications, and integration of open source web content management systems (CMS), social media systems, and third-party applications.

The team is intimately familiar with leading technologies such as Responsive Design, Node.js, Java/Spring, Python/Django, and Php/Laravel, as well as - NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Caching solutions such as Memcached and Redis. Combined with our expertise in Amazon AWS Cloud deployment strategies, we leverage the Agile development methodology to implement robust solutions.


Our client engagements don't end when we launch. We offer a suite of ongoing services that can be tailored to each of our clients needs.

By supporting our clients in the long run, we maintain an ongoing relationship that ensures that our clients not only keep up with technology, design, and user experience advances, but actually stay ahead of the curve.

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